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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Touching down in Tuscany

I'm here!!! Sono qui in Firenze! La mia bella citta!

Prepare for landing. Benvenuto a Firenze!

I haven't posted in awhile because these past few weeks have been a whirlwind! From packing my entire life into a tiny storage unit, packing and repacking my luggage, saying my goodbyes, going away parties, lots of emotions and trying to center myself in preparation, I think it's safe to say I've been busy. Although the road hasn't been easy, I can honestly say that the moment I arrived to Florence, it was all worth it.

Looking over Florence from the Palazzo Vecchio Tower on a sunny summer day.

Pure, unwavering happiness.

The past week and a half has been very eventful. I've been able to explore some little towns just outside of Florence, try new foods and restaurants, see new things, be a tourist, and just soak it all in. I'm glad I've had some time to explore, but now it's time to get down to business.

I spoke with the US Embassy yesterday about my options for a work visa (more on that whole story later) and I had a bit of a reality check. Although I do need to jump on finding a job, I just have this strange sense of peace and calm that everything will work out. I have an interview in two weeks at a language school, and after that is when everyone gets back into town from holiday. In Italy, the month of August is like one big summer vacation. Most Italians, especially in Florence because of the heat, leave the city in search of cooler climates. Almost everything is closed for weeks out of the month, leaving only the tourist spots up and running, and not to mention overcrowded. Not only has it reached 101 degrees, there are also tourists everywhere, and the options of things to do are limited. Hot and crowded. Not a good combo. I wish I was at a beach somewhere in the south of France, too!

Nonetheless, I'm happy to be here and loving the fact that I can say I LIVE HERE! Ok, so I don't have an apartment of my own to call home, but my clothes are hanging in a closet, and thats basically the same thing, right?

Whenever I'm wandering through the streets and see the Duomo peaking through an alley, I feel the urge to stop and pinch myself. Is this real life?! I'm in love with this city and I am SO HAPPY I made the decision to come here. All the stress and bullshit was worth it. I know this feeling of a new place will wear off sometime, but right now I am drinking in every drop. I never want it to end.

Have any advice where I should eat or visit? Tell me in the comments!